Special Projects
Thursday, April 26, 2018 • 11:46 pm
Graphic Communication for Small Businesses
Special Projects...


While we enjoy designing for our clients, every now and then we design something for ourselves–from us to the world. We call these Special Projects.

For example, we're very excited about our African-American Inventions project which features beautiful calendars,  posters and other products of notable early African-American inventions.

In this one of a kind series, we selected 12 inventions, acquired the original patent drawings and brought them to life through illustration. Need a reliable list of inventors for your class, church or study? Download this extended list of early African-American inventors from 1845-1920. It's our gift to you.

We're also creating other original designs for a host of online products. Be sure and shop one of our product sites for seasonal or holiday gifts.