Thursday, April 26, 2018 • 11:45 pm
Graphic Communication for Small Businesses

Smith-Lenoir Graphic Creations has tailored its Graphic Design Services specifically with small businesses and start-ups in mind.

We know your brand is an important aspect of your business and we're pleased to offer you a select set of services to create, maintain or enhance your business persona.

Professional graphic design services at affordable prices. That's what we offer. So, take a look around and don't forget to check out our Special Projects.

Please let us know if you need us.


So, if you're starting your business and need a look and feel that represents who you are and what you do you need branding. We can help you.

Web Design

We take a template similar to the one here and dress it up with images, colors and functionality. We then add your content and fix it where you can manage your own content thereafter.

Special Projects

While we enjoy designing for our clients, every now and then we design something for ourselves–from us to the world. We call these Special Projects.